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About [ david teng photography ]: The Accidental Photographer

I like cake. I like photography. I like photographing cake.

Weddings have cake. Ergo I should photograph more weddings.

Kids get cake. Ergo I should photograph more kids.

Models like cake (but won’t eat any). Ergo I should photograph more models than weddings and kids so there’s even more cake for me. :-)

Being an IT Manager for an international investment bank doesn’t have cake. Ergo it was inevitable (and eventually fortunate) that my job would end up being outsourced. This has given me the opportunity and time to explore my passion and talent for photography into a dream career.

David Teng Photography is the end result of my journey combining my love of people and creating timeless images. Whether it’s documenting the beautiful wedding of two people who are deeply in love or working with a talented team to create stunning images in a studio, the challenge is still the same.

For me it’s all about happy, satisified clients and providing compelling images. The cake just happens to be a professional perk. And let’s be honest here, it’s always about the cake. ;-)

Special thanks to Genevieve, who supports me in my continuous search for more cake. Many thanks to Tony, Mary, Robert, and Joseph for showing me how to make cakes (and the people who eat them) look good.