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Assisting Scott Kelby on “Photo Recipes Live” | Photography Resources

“Ability is of little account without opportunity.” ~Napoleon

One morning last September, I woke up to discover a Facebook message in my inbox from Mr. Scott Kelby asking if I would be interested in assisting him for a book and DVD he’s shooting here in NYC!  [If you don't know who Scott Kelby is, he's currently ranked by Nielsen BookScan as the #1 bestselling author of all computing and technology books as well as the #2 bestselling author of all photography books (after Ansel Adams).] After a moment or two of confusion (and possibly a dance or two in my PJs) I composed myself, checked my calendar, and replied as professionally as I could muster at that time.

The day at Suite 201 (an amazing studio in NYC) was busy and filled with great experiences. Watching Scott rip through 10+ setups in usually in a couple of takes each was simply incredible! The entire Kelby team was a joy to work with as we spent plenty of time laughing between tapings. Watching Scott break down those lighting setups on camera was great because he does it so easily. He’s just a great teacher.

The entire experience just reminded me how much I love being in the studio. It doesn’t even matter if I’m shooting or just assisting. There’s something captivating about being part of a collaboration of creatives working towards a common goal. The challenge of working with the technical to achieve the artistic is so alluring.

The Photo Recipes Live: Behind the Scenes: Your Guide to Today’s Most Popular Lighting Techniques Book and DVD combo was released back in December. It’s a great pick up if you have some light experience with studio lights and want to add some setups to your arsenal. There’s also some great recommendations for some gear that I picked up after watching Scott use them.


Now Mr. Kelby has released his new companion iPhone and iPad app: Photo Recipes Live:  Behind the Scenes:  Your Guide to Today’s Most Popular Lighting Techniques. With this app you can take all of Scott’s techniques and setups from the book and DVD with you on location on your iPhone or iPad. The app is a whopping 1.3GB, but at $9.99, it’s a steal for the amount of information that is given. I’m definitely looking forward to future apps from the Kelby team.

And here’s a review on the new app from Adobe’s Worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist and bestselling technology author Terry White!

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