Hello! I'm David.

Remember that shy, quirky nerd from back in high school that you recently bumped into at Whole Foods only to find out that he's now a wildly successful entrepreneur who spends every day of his life doing what he loves?

Yeah, I took his headshot. ;P

How best to sum me up? I live for finding adventure every day. I prefer to be outside when I can. I strive to surround myself with good hearts. I often find myself staring in awe at my precocious, cheeky toddler. I want my son to be older for certain things, but I don't ever really want him to grow up. I think my wife is beautiful and way smarter than me. I will never say no to a hot dog. I love video games but don't get to play nowadays (dad life). I am a proud nerd who is still secretly hoping to discover my force powers and waiting patiently for my late acceptance letter to Hogwarts. I tend to collect things that I think are cool but sometimes make my inner minimalist sad with all the clutter. I always cringe at the act of explaining myself and then end up rambling on and on and on and on and on...

Now on to David, the professional photographer.

I chose to be a wedding photographer because I believe photographs transcend time. They are a part of our legacy and live on for generations. For every wedding, my starting point is to make sure that photography is the most seamless part of the entire day. I put everything I have into making sure your day is covered without a moment missed. I specialize in capturing authentic moments in even the most manufactured of settings.  My work comes from an organic, documentary perspective - to be quietly present during important parts, as unobtrusive as possible and posing you for stunning portraits that will make you proud to share with your loved ones for the rest of your life.

But I actually got my professional start on the studio sets of major NYC advertising campaigns. I truly love crafting an image and the process of bringing my commercial client's vision to life. And the best part of commercial work is assembling my team of "superheroes" to take on any project, no matter how simple or complex. My team’s combined experience will bring a mix of passion-fueled work ethic, unbridled enthusiasm, production experience, clever resourcefulness, and a combined love for creating impactful imagery together. We are among the most authentic, kind, and dedicated teams you will ever meet. We are always ready for the opportunity to create a body of work with you.

See the light. Craft the image.